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Agriculture sprayer drone- to make agriculture more smarter !

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  • Agriculture sprayer drone can effectively reduce operating costs, evenly spraying, environmental protection and high efficiency, and significantly improve operating efficiency.
  • Compared with the traditional artificial pesticide spraying operation, the efficiency is approximately 20-30 times that of manual labor, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and prevents the operator from inhaling the pesticide particles, which is safe and convenient.
  • The agriculture sprayer drone is easy to operate and can be used in three days of training; it is easy to maintain, safe and reliable, and the maintenance cost is low.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 10L, the effective spraying width is 4-6 meters, and the spraying operation of 15 acres can be completed in a single flight. The operating efficiency can reach 80 acres / hour in the autonomous mode.
  • Agriculture sprayer drone  can be used for disinfecting, moisturizing, spraying, inpection, supervision, fertilization for most of the plant, such as crops, vegetable, wheat,tea tree ,vines, etc.

# Characteristics Parameters-Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis 20L

1 Unfold size : 1936*1700*670mm

2 Folding size : 1102*963*670mm

3 Full fold weight :  48kg

4 Spraying mode: pressure spraying 6 nozzles

5 Medicine box volume : 20L

6 Product wheelbase : 1700mm

7 Operation time : 16-22 minutes

8 Spraying amplitude :  6-8meters

9 Control radius : 1500 meters

10 Working temperature : 0-50℃11 Flight mode :ATTI / GPS

We have a variety of drones : 

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-5  4axis   5L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-10  4axis 10L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-10  6axis 10L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15  6axis 15L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15 6axis  15L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-16 6axis  16L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis  20L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-30 6axis  30L

Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-60 6axis  60L

We are the manufacturer of agriculture sprayer uav in China. With sophisticated experience of  production and R & D in uav for over ten years, we can provide more competitive pric and high qualit uav for you. We adopt Dajiang, Jifei's flight control and electric motor , and we are specialized in producing agricultural sprayer drones of various types, including 5L, 10L, 15L, 16L, 20L, 30L, 60L and four-axis or six axis machines to meet your diverse needs.

Contact : Carson Zhang Oversea Sales Manager

Company : Guangzhou QHK Technology Co.,Ltd

Location : Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Tel/wechat/whatsapp/Skype : +86- 158 1246 6828


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