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The Quanum is a DIY ground station all in one case, it is the perfect base for your Ground Station Project, from just pure FPV to full PC based mission planning. This DIY Ground station comes equipped with everything from a system voltage monitor to an 8inch LCD display, and a range of internal power and cable connections, housed in a beautiful aluminum case with locks.

The upper Case halve houses an 8inch LCD with a pop-out sun/glare shield. The LCD will accept everything from standard RCA video and audio as-well as up to 1024x768 VGA! There is also a nice LCD voltage monitor tied into the power bus for quick look at your supply voltage or internal battery. Under the face panel there are video and audio input cables that feed the monitor and lower case A/V ports and two SMA (male to female) antenna extensions that lead out to the top face plate, you can connect your choice of video receiver or even a video receiver on one lead and a telemetry radio on the other. All cleanly installed under a black brushed aluminum face panel with a porthole for accessibility.

The lower case halve is fitted with 2 USB ports, A/V RCA style video in/out and power port tied to the Master switch and an access hatch for easy battery swaps or storage.

This is a must for anyone serious about FPV With a big bright sun shielded LCD you will have a great view, or you can plug your goggles in the panel mounted A/V and power ports and let spectators get to watch on the monitor! There is plenty of room for a nano or pico ITX PC and with the VGA capable monitor and USB ports, it could make for an ultra-clean and durable commercial grade Telemetry driven ground station.

Monitor Specs:
Power Consumption: DC12V 400mA
Panel Size and Aspect: 8inch 4:3
Resolution: 800x600 pixel
Viewing Angle: 130Deg
Brightness: 250cd/m2
contrast 400:1
Response time: 12ms
Input: BNC, RCA Video-audio, VGA, YUV 
VGA Inputs resolution: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 all 60Hz requires VGA 15 pin to 8 pinadapter

Case Dimensions:
Outside: 375x254x127mm
Inside Lower compartment: 305x229x64mm  (38mm under the panel)
Inside Upper Compartment: 305x229x45mm (38mm under the panel)

SMA extensions x 2 (male to female)for video and or telemetry antennas
12v bullet x 2 (male)
RCA video and audio
12v bullet 2 female and on male
RCA video audio out for Goggle or DVR output
USB extensions for possible micro ATX or antenna tracker X2
Power Switch

LCD Monitor with sunshield
Voltage display
Power plug
Schematic and instructions

*Note: This is a DIY Ground station and does not come with video receivers or PC components. It is dependent on your application for proper component selection and fitment.

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