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By Mobydrone, 03/04/2021

Everett  est un court métrage sur deux mondes parallèles entièremejnt shooter au drone.

Hugh Everett était un physicien américain qui a été le premier à proposer la théorie des multivers en physique quantic. J'ai passé pas mal de temps sur les routes française cette année et j'ai été frappé par la diversité que nous offre notre pays, chateau, montagne, campagne... tout se marie de manière harmonieuse et c'est ce que je voulais retransmettre.

Vous pouvez regarder mes autres réalisations sur ma chaine viméo et je suis preneur de toute critique !

Enjoy !


Everett is a short non-narrative drone film about two parallel worlds, which takes place in France.

Hugh Everett was an American physicist who first proposed the many-worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics. This year, I spent some time on the french's roads and I tried to catch those spectacular and diverse landscapes that France can offer. Sea, Mountains, Countryside, Castles, History and nature mix together. Between North and South, East And West multiple worlds seem to live harmoniously in one country. Everett tries to transcribe this multitude which forms one. You just have to look up to see this infinity that is offered to us.


Awards and selection :

- Best drone Video - Paris Play Film Festival

- Best drone Video - Tagore International Film Festival

- Best drone Video - Spring Cine Fest

- Outstanding Achievement Awards - Berlin Flash Film Festival

- Official Selection - Golden Galaxy Awards

- Official Selection - Sun of the East Awards


Please put headphone and enjoy.


Technical info and gear used :

- All footage shot on Parrot Anafi - PLOG -

Editing, Color grading and Sound design on Premiere Pro

- Title, and minor fx on After Effect

- Original music By Luke Atencio - Carved in Mayhem

- Sound FX recorded by me and various free libraries - Location, Camargue, Bourgogne, Ardéche, Haute Loire, Amiens ... You can check my other works on my vimeo Chanel. Or contact me for any question or collaboration.

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