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From 3 to 10 meters to centimeters (PPP vs. RTK Positioning)

By Tersus GNSS, 11/07/2016

[url="http://www.tersus-gnss.com/products/precis-bx316"]Precis-BX316[/url], the Multi-GNSS, Dual Frequency RTK Board with Dual Antenna for Heading released. Pre-order Now. Check with our sales representatives for details. Contact Us: info@tersus-gnss.com.


Precis-BX316 has below merit: [list]
[*]Multi-GNSS Signal Tracking[list]
[*]GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BeiDou B1B2
[*]Reliable Centimeter-level Positioning[list]
[*]Up to 20Hz RTK solution output
[*]Dual-Antenna GNSS Heading[list]
[*]Accurate yaw & pitch angle of moving platform
[*]Accurate Shutter Synchronization[list]
[*]Ideal for aerial mapping and drone
[*]Raw Observation Data Logging[list]
[*]Onboard SD Card for data logging & storage
[*]Smaller, Lighter[list]
[*]Compact and lightweight design

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