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Found 2 results

  1. ZTW speed controllers are one of the most widely used and trusted speed controller brands available on the market today. They are sold under many different brand names, but we choose to purchase direct from the manufacturer without rebranding so that we can pass the savings on to you. ZTW controllers represent a new generation of brushless ESCs using advanced microprocessor technology. They are designed and manufactured with high quality components which provide exceptional reliability, low internal resistance, and a smooth, linear throttle response. Features: New advanced programming software with secondary sub-menu setting for ease of use. Advanced Governor Mode (uses B-Series design to keep the motor speed even though the load is changed) Supports high RPM motors, can be used with most of the RC motors on the market. More optional motor timing, startup and soft acceleration settings for smoother motor operation. Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity. Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON). Auto throttle shut down in signal loss situation. Safety thermal over-load protection: when the temperature of ESC exceeds 110 deg C, the ESC will reduce the output power to allow it to cool. Uses new generation MOSFET to ensure ESC's low operation temperature while supporting biggest peak currents and higher reliability. Specifications: Output: 125A continuous, 150A burst for 10 seconds Input voltage: 2-6s LiPo; 5-18 cell Ni-XX SBEC output: 5.0V / 5.5V / 6.0V adjustable @ 5A (switching) Weight: 136g Dimensions: 56 x 44 x 120mm Programmable Options: Brake setting (off/soft/mid/hard -- default: off) Battery type: (Ni-XX/LiPo/LiFe -- default: LiPo auto detect) Low voltage cutoff setting (2.8V / 3.0V / 3.2V / None -- default: 3.0V) Factory default setup reset Timing settings (auto / 2° / 5° / 8° /15° / 22° /30° -- default: auto) SBEC output voltage (on 45A and larger models only) (5.0V / 5.5V / 6.0V -- default: 5.0V) Governor mode (RPM off / 1st soft start / 2nd soft start / gov mod 1 / gov mod 2 -- default: RPM off) Motor rotation (forward / reverse -- default: forward) Start-up strength (10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% -- default: 30%) Low voltage cutoff type: )reduce power / cut-off power -- default: reduce) Parameters can be programmed using your transmitter, or by using the optional programming card sold separately. More info: http://www.ztwshop.com
  2. ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More info: http://www.ztwshop.com/product/airplane-brushless-esc/Spider-Pro-esc/