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Customizable Real Human Sex Doll

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Enhance your understanding of sex dolls

On the night of renting, they will take them to the chosen location, arrange them and let them stay overnight. They will pick them up the next morning. Then clean the silicone doll with antibacterial soap. Although the company was licensed as a home business, urdolls also rented space in the downtown area as a doll's cleaning and storage facility.

This is what customers see when they enter the bedroom. The 100cm doll is the favorite of most people." He explained that customers who want to "try" the doll can go through the main entrance because the store also sells hair care products, no one will Smarter. From there, the owner collects customer information. There are several dolls to choose from.

The private area behind is like an apartment with a kitchen and bathroom area and a bedroom. The stereo system is connected to the bedroom in the executive office, so the owner can drown out any loud buzz. There is a side table with lubricant and towels and a hanger with a variety of wigs and underwear. Customers can pay by hour or half hour and have sex with real sex dolls.

"We have had several incidents. We heard the knocking and it sounded like violence, so we immediately drove this person away. These are our rules - no violence, no dolls, no rape. If he He will not return to doing this kind of thing in our facilities," he said.

She can also change wigs and clothes to meet the needs of customers. The dolls they rent will not be sold for two consecutive nights as it will pass a cleaning day in the morning. "We have six dolls. He recalls that we sold four on Labor Day weekend. A new sex doll costs between $2,500 and $10,000 - this is a niche market. The owner opens a rectangular box Ready to ship, including a green-eyed beauty, her head was taken apart and wrapped with the rest of the nude.

"They will scrub from head to toe," Dixon said. “We have a special flusher to get into every crack and gap to get everything out.” A few weeks later, there will be two layers of artificial intelligence dolls in his store. The basic artificial intelligence toy - $150 per hour for renters - can be awkward, while the more advanced $10,000 version is just a showcase doll. Advanced dolls can remember what customers like, her head can move, she can talk to you.

"I think artificial intelligence will start with sex. This is what is happening now. Just like how the Internet starts to be free porn. Technology has triggered people's brains," he said. A dedicated camera will also be used to check for hard-to-see areas and use black light to check for any remaining organic residue.

His open plan has raised concerns about female objectification and violence, as well as concerns about pedophilia, as some dolls look young. The owner insists on the taboo of rape fantasy.

About two months ago, she started the process of opening and pointed out that when she first saw the doll, she was shocked to see how realistic the doll was. These dolls are not robots and weigh about 70 pounds. They have a range of heights. Zach, a male doll, is about 5 feet 9 inches, while a Latino doll Chanel is about 5 feet 5 feet. All seven dolls, together with clothes and boxes, cost him about $18,000.

The dolls can be customized in urdolls, with silicone doll and TPE doll. They are equipped with a range of customizable features from the manufacturer, such as large breasts and buttocks, optional teeth and shoulders that can shrug. “This is absolutely crazy,” she said, and she runs the Bella doll with her husband. She did not have the rules for cleaning the doll, but she noticed that her business would use her own deep cleaning procedures, including antibacterial soap, black light and a camera that could be inserted into the sex organs to check for any foreign objects.

How much do you know about human sex doll? “It feels like a real vagina, not warmth,” she said with a smile to the girl. "It's crazy." Although the silicone on the doll feels cool, he plans to make sure that each doll is warm by placing them on a heated blanket in advance.

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