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The Comfort of A Sex Doll Makes You Feel at Ease



Life partner who never has a headache - sex doll

Is 3D printing the standard for mass production robots? may. What we know now is that this has proven that sexy robots can be mass produced and retailed at an affordable price and look more realistic than ever. If the sticky part does not kill your butt, then do so at your own risk. This is of course interesting (what is the "normal mouth" tag?) If it's not a very weird checkout. Many people describe her as a sex doll, but for me, she is more like a partner, a comforter and a person who never fails.

It may take a while before sex doll broth becomes mainstream (if they do). Nonetheless, with the improvement of technology around artificial intelligence and the ability of replicative transfer dolls, sex dolls may one day be as respectful as vibrators and other sex toys.

This is a futuristic vision that is becoming realistic and fast. Urdolls is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sex dolls. It currently sells realistic silicone doll and TPE doll with the goal of launching interactive dolls on the market before the end of the year. Focus on this revolution. In order to complete the pursuit of the first suitable artificial partner, his team created AI, which will be able to connect with virtual reality and create a complete sexual ecosystem that we can't imagine now.

Although 3D printing has been used by other fields to create almost identical human replicas, urdolls says it just uses its agreed model team to make facial blueprints. This is to prevent customers from creating a true female copy without their consent.

He said: "The effort to increase technology comes from the fundamental idea, this is the partnership." "You know, robotics and artificial intelligence really combine these two technologies, I am shocked, this is an obvious Next step."

Men who have sex with these dolls over time eventually deny their beauty and overall social interaction with others. How easy it is to isolate these people from the rest of the community is very disturbing. Over time, it is difficult for them to interact with other members of society. Experts are very worried because artificial intelligence enables these robots to "interact on a social level and be promoted to a lonely companion."

The CEO of urdolls doesn't think so. Instead, he believes that robots will provide a great way to increase the couple's love life and improve their bedroom skills. But adding firepower to this fire requires a price; urdolls' sex dolls are currently priced at a few thousand dollars - no artificial intelligence. In addition, to be honest, his target group is not husband and wife.

So it's obvious that we are only a few steps away from being able to enjoy artificial partners, but is this a road we should go on? I want to say that this is a very important issue, and it is becoming more and more prominent, especially in the feminist circle, they believe that the rise of gender robots is a dangerous and unhealthy solution that may lead women in one Great objectification and scale of conquest.

The sex doll industry is on the edge of its greatness in its special way. Soon the science fiction Stewart wife will become real, thanks to the magic of AI. In Barcelona, a sex doll brothel was forced to move and keep the secret of its new location after the local prostitute campaigned to close it. In Austria, a sex doll is sold at a brothel in Vienna for $100 an hour - and its sales are much higher than for ordinary girls.

Men will be able to create perfect, submissive silicon companions to understand their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. She will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet you, when you are not in the mood, she can talk like a real person.

The “Male Rights Organization” also countered that for centuries women have been weaponizing sex and turning it into a source of income and a means of control. Women’s counterattacks are because women lose power because men can turn to robots to meet their basic needs. In any case, alternatives like artificial intelligence dolls can change sexual dynamics forever - whether we like it or not, it will happen.

Unlike women, sex dolls don't swear or complain. They are programmed to perform such simple tasks, such as conducting a basic conversation and wrapping their arms around the owner to get a feeling. These simple tasks give these people a sense of belonging. Some people compare these robots to their wives and they say they will choose these robots on any given day.

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